New Franklin, Mo. -- Established 1828



The city was named for Benjamin Franklin in 1828. The region lies along the crest of the Missouri River bluffs. It was laid out by James Alcorn, a Revolutionary War soldier, in 1828.

We are proud to be the home of country music star Sara Evans.

New Franklin is the final destination of the MKT Railroad's fully restored caboose #127 filled with railroad memorablia & artifacts. New Franklin is rich in railroad history.

Site of the Hickman House, the oldest known brick structure west of the Mississippi River, located at MU Horticulture Farm in New Franklin.

The Horticulture & Agroforestry Research Center has hundreds of beautiful experimental flowers, plants and vegetables.

The original town of Franklin, destroyed by flood, was the official beginning of the Santa Fe Trail.

Four trails passed through New Franklin as our country was being explored -- Lewis & Clark, Boonslick Road, Santa Fe Trail, and Katy Trail State Park. Hence the logo: "Four Trails Crossroad."

Birthplace & resting place of Edgar "Jelly" Settles, author of our state song, "Missouri Waltz."

MKT (Katy) Railroad division point with roundhouse & turntable for nearly 100 years. The turntable is still in excellent working condition.

South Howard County Historical Society hosts a visitor's center year round with a wealth of information about the history of our area, genealogy and cemetery records.

Silverliners Senior Center is the only self-supported center in the state of Missouri. They have a waiting list for custom quilting and serve an open breakfast the first Sunday of each month. (Homemade biscuits and gravy!)

We have B & Bs, Fine Dining, and Camping along the Katy Trail State Park.